We want to provide the tools that are needed for this to become the last home the resident ever moves into.

Assisted Bathing & Dressing

All of our caregivers are dementia certified for All Daily Activities (ADL’s) and trained in Alzheimer/Dementia care.  Each resident is treated with compassion, dignity and self-respect.

Laundry & Cleaning Service

All Laundry is done daily and is included in your monthly cost. All homes utilize a cleaning company to allow more focus on our clients.

Private Rooms

We know how difficult and emotionally painful it can be for someone to be uprooted from their environment and confronted with sharing a room with a stranger.  All our bedrooms are private and furnished.  To help ease the transition, we will work with the families to provide familiar items that are unique to each and every resident.

Family Care

Regularly scheduled meetings will be offered to loved ones of our residents. We realize this is a process that most are not familiar with and navigating this can be difficult to say the least. We will use our skill and training to work with individuals and their families to make sure that the experience is the best it can be.

Flexible Meals, Individual Schedules

Each meal is made individually.  With the 100% Individualized Care Approach, everyone is treated individually not as a group. We schedule around their needs NOT around ours! We provide nutritional well-balanced meals and snacks. We serve three daily home cooked meals that are delicious! All of our meals are made by our caregivers who have appropriate Food Handler Certifications.

Doctor Visits & Medical Needs*

It is our goal to be able to provide transportation and escort to doctor appointments. We will work with residents and their families with transportation services. In the event that we are able to provide the transportation, it is included in the monthly cost. We also encourage home visits from medical practitioners as well. If we do provide transportation, no one is sent alone. All residents are assisted by dementia trained caregiver to every appointment. As dementia continues to progress, and adjustments need to be made, we will help! We have Home Health and Hospice Agencies who come into our homes to help with questions or concerns a family may have.

24/7 Supervision Staff

All our homes have 24-hour access to a nurse. There is 24-hour supervision by dementia certified caregivers. 

*Appointments that require transportation assistance must be scheduled by the house manager and are subject to staff availability as well as are subject to mileage limitations.

Get in Touch

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